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Graphic Design Links - New Social Bookmarking Site for Designers

The Graphic Design Forum now have a partner site called Graphic Design Links, it is a digg/designfloat style site where you can bookmark, share and vote on graphic design links.

Because it's a community driven site your votes say who makes it to the front page and who doesn't. There's a few ways to add links as you're browsing the internet, the easiest way is to signup and go to your profile on the site, half way down the page is instructions on how to add the bookmark button to your browser.

This way no matter what site you're on if you find anything interesting you click the button and a non-obtrusive window will pop-up behind the working window and then in your own time you can fill in the description and it will add the link to the site for people to vote.

There is a social element to the site as you can have avatars and friend lists but also the ability to comment on the links and for people to answer your comments and even vote if the comment is wrong or right.

Stefan Lucut - New Design

Nice Free Flash Gallery

The FIG is a gallery application that can be used by anyone to display
multiple galleries of photos, artwork, or other pictures with
descriptions. It requires no server-side language and will run on any
web host. It is idealy suited for artists with online galleries, but
can be used by anyone.

Seeing is believing, so check out the Free Flash Gallery Demo.

Flash Image Gallery

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