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The Estetica Graphic Design & Web Design Forum which opened at the start of 2008 is offering Graphic Design & Web Design blogs to add their live RSS feeds to the Graphic Design Blog section. This means when you post on your blog it automatically posts it as a forum post with a link back to your blog meaning if the post is interesting enough, traffic will be driven towards your blog.

Graphic Design Forum

To add your Feed, sign up at the forum and use the contact form to tell the admin team why you feel your blog would be of interest to the readers. This is a great way to boost readers on your blog and also be part of a growing Graphic Design & Web Design Community.

As well as the forum the team have also launched a Social Bookmarking and Voting system for Designers using Pligg called Graphic Design Links.

Graphic Design Links

This also has the ability to add your RSS feeds from your blog to automatically add your blog post link to the sections for people to comment and vote on and is also a free link back to your blog. To add your feed here contact the forum admin as above.

Progettystudio - Graphic Design

$5000 Prize Giveaway Group Graphic Design Writing Project

Jacob Cass is running a graphic design group writing project and prize draw over at his blog below is a list of the great prizes....

1st Prize Package - The Guitar Package


An Electric Guitar and all accessories - Rafie from is our main prize sponsor, generously donating his electric guitar and accessories. Why? Because he wants to focus on his design skills and he wants it to be passed onto another designer.

The package includes:

Squier® Strat® by Fender® Electric Guitar (California Series), Instructional DVD, Electric Tuner, Guitar Strap, Guitar Stand, Gig Bag (Guitar Bag) by Fender, Guitar Cable and Picks. + FREE WORLDWIDE POSTAGE for all items. All items are only a few months old and have only been used a handful of times.

Wow is all I can say. Please everyone check out Rafie’s graphic design (he did the .gif header above) website at

2nd Prize - The Stock Package

Prize 2

  • Go Media Vector Packs - Ultimate Vector Collection 1 - 597 Vectors royalty free. (Worth $523) This was donated by myself for the project and comes direct from Go Media. You can view whats in the packs here: Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4 | Set 5
  • Adobe Photoshop Brush Pack - A collection 80 quality royalty free photoshop brushes.
  • 55 iStock Photo Credits from PJ, who owns a Premium Wordpress Theme showcase which shows attractive customisations of WordPress Premium Themes. A kind donation, thank you PJ.

3rd Prize - The ReDesign & Advertising Package #1

Prize 3

  • Design Consultation with David Airey. David Airey is a well known blogging graphic and logo designer from Scotland and he is offering feedback on a corporate identity and how this is implemented on a respective website. David has recently opened a logo resource blog called Logo Design Love focused purely on logos so he knows his stuff!
  • Logo design OR blog header design. Hopefully after the design consultation with David, I can improve your blog or logo. If you are unaware of my designs, you can check out my portfolio)
  • One 131×63 advertising space on Estetica Design Forums which gets 25,000 visitors a month. A kind donation by Toon who runs the forums and who is a regular contributer with over 14,000 posts.
  • 2 Months Free Advertising - Seven 16×16 pixel squares on Just Creative Design. Will go to only 1 person. Check out my advertising page for more details.

4th Prize - ReDesign & Advertising Package #2

Prize 4

  • Logo Design by Vivien from InspirationBit who freelances as a Web & Graphic Designer based from Canada. A very kind donation, thank you.
  • Web site or blog critique - also donated by Vivien. The winner can choose between Vivien’s review by email or on her blog Inspiration Bit, with a link back to the winner’s site.
  • 1 hour consultation on Wordpress’s Theme Customisation over Skype, or AIM, or MSN. This prize was also kindly donated by Vivien.
  • One 131×63 advertising banner on Estetica Design Forums which gets 25,000 visitors a month. Another kind donation by Toon.

Bonus Prizes

Bonus Prizes

Each singular prize will go to a unique person. ie. Blog review to one person, header design to another person.

  • One hour blog optimization consultation with Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips. This consultation will cover design, SEO, monetization and blogging strategy, coming from the author of one of the most respected and useful resources in the blogosphere. Sure wish I was getting this!
  • A Blog Header design by Audee from from Graphic Identity. A kind donation, from Audee who writes tutorials and reviews mostly around Adobe Photoshop & Ilustrator on her blog.
  • A Blog Review from Bloggeries - A review from Bloggeries is a great opportunity to expose and advertise your blog to a wider audience. Bloggeries is PR5 and receives heavy traffic everyday so a blog review can help improve your traffic and feed subscribers. Rob, the blogger over at Bloggeries, will give you some useful tips and constructive criticisms to help you improve your blog as well.
  • Two Months Free Advertising - One 16×16 pixel square on Just Creative Design. See our advertising page for more details. A small and sweet prize.
  • Sandisk USB Multi Memory Card Reader for Mobiles - You have heard of multi memory card readers that read all types of memory cards, well this one is especially built for mobile phones or pdas. This memory card reader can read MicroSD Cards, All three types of MicroSD HC cards, all types of M2 Cards and SIM cards. A pretty nifty tool for anyone who has a lot of media on their mobile or pda. This prize was donated by myself, with free world wide postage.
  • Ultimate WebMaster Pack - Building A Blog Empire eBook, Ultimate Super Tips eBook, Internet Marketing eBook, 114 Flash Banners, 100 Website Templates, 78 PHP and Perl CGI Scripts plus lots of other small goodies. This has been kindly donated by JasMate from Digital Point Forums.
  • 260×120px banner for 1 month on Freelance Folder. Freelance Folder is a great resource for freelancing graphic designers. Freelance Folder has over 2000+ Subscribers so you are guaranteed a lot of visitors. A kind donation by Jon, owner of Freelance Folder.
  • Late prize sponsors will gladly be accepted up until the prize draw time on Tuesday the 4th and be added to the list of sponsors. The late prize sponsors will be listed under this ‘bonus prizes’ section. All sponsors will get a mention on all pages plus a random 9 will get a months 16×16 ad on Just Creative Design. These 9 free ads will be drawn in a separate draw.
See over at the blog for all the details.

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Graphic Design Links Update

Many of you will be aware of our 'Digg For Designers' site Graphic Design Links..

The traffic is gradually building as more members join, we currently have 1883. We also now have the option to add graphic design and web design blogs to an automated feed so all your blog posts are automatically added to the link list without having to log in.

To see the type of links being added by users grab the feed here....

Graphic Design Links RSS Feed

Then you can vote for the good and bury the bad. For more info on how to add your blog feed to the links site email.....


Tony Ariawan

Logo Design UK

Logo Design UK is close to being completed, I thought I'd share some of the details here for new business owners in the UK.

Logo Design UK offer 3 packages for new businesses starting with a simple logo design to a full logo design & stationery package. It's targeting mainly business startups who need a new image at a reasonable price.

See our logo design portfolio for some of the latest works we've produced and contact us if you feel you could use out services.

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