Caricatures of a design forum

As this blog has been created and maintained by members of the Estetica Design Forum, I thought it it was about time that some work of the members was featured as and when appropriate.

I would like to take the time to introduce our own Jeffross whose caricatures of members of the forum have had us all impressed and amused. Also please feel free to peruse Jeff's own blog.

Jeff, congratulations on your feature.

The new Zumo Juicer 3000!

The new Zumojuicer 3000 (for Zumojuice)

A Broken Dalek.
A Broken Dalek (for brokendalek)


Andy1982 (for Andy1982)

Harry is the css wizard... and he needs to shave his eyebrows.

Harry the CSS wizard (for PR Design)

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The work of Jeff Stewart

I really like this acrylic painting by Jeff Stewart.

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