Jimi Hendrix Tribute Illustration

Loved this Jimi Hendrix Tribute Illustration by Hubert Fineart:

Full portfolio can be viewed here

Andreas Werchmeister's Horror Illustrations

Loved these pieces of art from UK artist Andreas Werchmeister, they feature Freddy, Leatherface and Jason:

CLOGTWO - The Big Daddy Art

CLOGTWO has been working on some Star Wars inspired art recently, this one is titled The Big Daddy:

Salvador Ramirez Madriz

Salvador Ramirez Madriz is an illustrator and Character designer from Mexico here's some of his Illustration and Concept art Portfolio some of the details are amazing:

Matej Jan Tribute Pixel Art Poster

Thought this was great, Matej Jan from Slovenia has done a pixel art illustration containing all things that influenced him through his life:

Ramon Bruin Art

Ramon Bruin is a freelance artsit from the Netherlands he has done some amazing pencil and graphite work:

Ramon Bruin Art

Denis Zilber Illustrations

Some great character illustrations from Denis Zilber, amazing illustration skills that really bring the characters to life

David Sossella & Manifactory Illustrations - Cadillac Tank

David Sossella & Manifactory have teamed up to bring us the Cadillac Tank set of Illustrations for Red Ape